Pet Urns Phoenix

Pet Urns in Phoenix

Saying goodbye to a pet is one of the most difficult things a person can experience.

Nothing will ever erase the special presence and energy of that beloved animal. The bond you shared was precious and unforgettable, and the memories you made together will last forever.

After you’ve said goodbye to your wonderful friend, you may be considering the best way to memorialize them. Countless pet owners derive much comfort from keeping their pet’s remains near and dear to them.

Ever My Pet’s specialty is commemorating dearly departed pets with a beautiful, personalized urn.

Our urns provide a unique way to celebrate the life of your pet. Not only do they preserve the cremated remains of your pet, they are personally engraved and can be ordered to feature photographs.

Your urn will provide you with endless beautiful memories of your lost loved one.

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Dignified, Customized Urns for Pets

The spirit of your dog, cat, or other animal will stay with you for as long as you live. Memories of adventures, walks, and moments shared together will linger forever.

Each day, Ever My Pet works with grieving pet owners to create a meaningful, permanent tribute to them.

We recognize that this is a difficult and highly emotional time, and we bring dignity and comfort to each pet owner.

Our pet memorial urns are available in an extremely wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

You can choose among the materials and colors that best reflect your pet.

Our pet urns are also engravable. You can choose to engrave your pet’s name, date-of-birth, or a special phrase with significant meaning to you.

We offer many different types of designs, from conventional vase-shaped urns to exquisite figurines in the shape of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, and many others.

We can memorialize your pet in a way that’s significant and deeply meaningful to you. Your urn will remain near and dear to you forever.

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Dog Urns

Losing a canine companion is truly devastating. Although they are in a better, more peaceful place, the void they’ve left behind is enormous.

Ever My Pet’s dog urns are the perfect way to remember a precious friend. Our urns are available in many materials and can be ordered in a variety of forms. You even have the option to purchase an urn designed as a likeness of your own dog’s breed.

Engraving and adding pictures will create an enduring testament to your dog who will always be with you.

Cat Urns

The grace and elegance of a pet cat will never be forgotten. Our cat urns are completed in stunning shadow cast or bronze finishes, among many others.

Your customizable urn can be fully engraved to feature your cat’s name, and a photograph can be added as well.

With Ever My Pet’s urns, your cat’s sweet spirit will remain with you long after they have left.

Personalized Pet Memorial Urns, Ready in Weeks

Each aspect of our pet’s memorial is fully customizable. Within several weeks, your fully personalized urn will be completed and ready to take home.

Your urn will be act as a precious keepsake to be treasured for years.

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