Minneapolis Pet Urns

Pet Urns in Minneapolis

Only pet owners understand the immense sense of loss and grief that follows after the death of a precious companion animal. They don’t only share our homes, they share our lives. And whether that pet was a ferret, a budgie, or a dog or cat, they were an important family member with their own unique charms and personality.

Recovering from that loss is hard.

Ever My Pet hopes to make it a little easier. Our purpose and our drive is to help pet owners coping with grief and loss of their beloved friends find solace. One way we do this is by creating beautiful custom pet urns with complimentary engravings to help you remember your companion animal by.

A Pet Cremation Urn to Cherish Forever

While the sound of their little paws skittering across the floor may be gone, you can always keep a small piece of your beloved animal with you in your home. With our beautiful customized pet urns, you’ll always be able to conjure up the good times you spent with your pet.

Ever My Pet works only with the highest-quality materials to create a resting place worthy of your furry friend. Choose the type of material you want, decide on any customizable features you may want to add, and provide us some photos to work into the design. Within a few days or a few weeks (depending on your customization choice) you’ll receive an urn to cherish and to place front and center in your living room.

Pet Urns for Cats

While our urns can’t recapture the feeling of their whiskers rubbing against your face early in the morning, we aim to replicate the quiet dignity and steely confidence of your special cat.

Losing a pet is one of the hardest experiences anyone can go through. But by memorializing your cat in such a beautiful way, you will begin to move through the grieving process just a little bit easier.

Pet Urns for Dogs

Most dogs require larger-sized urns. No matter how hard it was to let them go and cross the Rainbow Bridge without you, with one look at Ever My Pet’s pet urns for dogs, you’ll be reminded of all the games of chase and fetch you played with your special pup once upon a time.

Support Local Animal Shelters

Ever My Pet cares about animals. That’s why we donate a portion of every pet cremation urn we sell to benefit local animal shelters helping to rehouse adoring pets looking for forever homes.

As pet owners ourselves, we know that you’re going through a difficult time right now. Feel free to contact Ever My Pet for a free estimate on one of our cremation urns, or to be put in touch with pet bereavement support groups in the Minneapolis area. We’re here to help. Call today.