Q. What are cremains?

A. Cremains are the result of cremation of your pet. They are commonly called ashes.


Q. If I have my pet cremated, how do I know I will get my pet's ashes back?

A. Talk to your veterinarian. Ask them to guide you to a reputable pet cremation services facility, and request a "Private Cremation".  This indicates that you do not want your pet's cremains comingled with other animals.


Q. What size urn do I need?

A. Our urn sizes are based on the weight of your pet before cremation. If the weight of your pet was close to the upper end of the weight recommended for a particular size, you may want to consider ordering the next larger size.


Q. How do I transfer the cremains to my urn?

A. You can choose to have the order shipped directly to your Veterinarian so that they can insert the ashes into the urn. 

A. Your pets cremains will usually be returned to you in a plastic bag placed in a temporary container (such as a box). Simply place the bag of cremains into the urn and reseal. The urn has either a plate on the bottom or a screw on lid.


Q. Can I send the cremains to you and have you transfer them to the urn?

A. We are sorry, but we do not offer that service. It would require 2 shipments (to us and back to you). We do not want to take the chance that your pets cremains will be lost in shipping. If you are uncomfortable placing the cremains into the urn you ordered, talk to your veterinarians office and  they will more than likely do this for you.

Q. What is cold cast bronze?

Cold cast bronze is done by mixing the liquid bonding agent, typically
a polyurethane resin, with a finely ground bronze powder (325-mesh). The bronze
powder is very heavy -- a pint weighs ten pounds. The heavy slurry of resin and
bronze powder, which has consistency of molasses, is poured into a mold to partially fill the
mold. The partially filled mold is then slowly rotated either by hand or on a roto
casting machine. The rotation allows the mix to evenly coat the interior of the mold.
As it hardens it will form a perfect bubble free exterior face coat on the casting.
Subsequent pours can be used to either thicken the wall of the casting or create a
solid cast.