About us

We Three Sisters founded Ever My Pet in 2007

All three of us have felt the grief of losing a beloved pet, and know the level of comfort a the perfect pet memorial can provide now and in the future.  A pet memorial is the resting place for the beloved and it needs to reflect the tribute to the pet and represent the immortal bond of love.

We also understand that we can help our customers by giving them the most caring and understanding customer service available.  We provide the best customer service available. Between the three of us we have over 100 years of customer service skills and caring. Our experience includes Waitress, Bartender, Business Management, Office Management, Administration and Education.

At Ever My Pet, people grieving the loss of a beloved pet can shop from home (in their own time) from over 500 pet memorials and urns for the perfect tribute and the perfect customization. We guarantee the highest quality products and best caring and sensitive customer service on the planet.

We donate $1.00 for every product ordered to either Animal Allies Humane Society or The Cat House on the Kings.