Paw Print Vase Urn (Urn Only) with engraving

Paw Print Vase Urn (Urn Only) with engraving

  • $149.95

These hand-forged and hand-carvedpet cremation urns make a stunning and touching resting place for your beloved pet's ashes. They are created by true old world artisans from India. Each pet urn displays hand carved paw prints to represent your cherished pet's wonderful walk through life and your heart.

The classic color and texture is brushed bronze.

Each vase is solid brass.
The top screws on for easy installation of your pet's ashes

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Size -----------------D x H ----------------------Pet Size 
Small --------4" in diameter x 6" H -----------0-30 lbs pets
Medium -----5" in diameter x 7" H----------31-65 lbs pets
Large-------5.5" in diameter x 8" H -------66-110 lbs pets-
XLarge -----6" in diameter x 10" H-------111-160 lbs pets