Cats Galore Cat Pet Urn

  • $44.50

Cats Galore is a lidded cachepot, carved in the English Cotswolds by Monique Baldwin. The interior inscription reads, “C'est quand le chat est repu qu'il dit que le derriere de la souris pue”, which when translated in English means, “When the cat is not hungry he says that the rear end of a mouse stinks.” Makes an ideal urn for your angel pet’s ashes. Produced overseas.

Choose a lasting and beautiful memorial for your beloved pet bird.

These urns are elegant and imaginative pet urns for your cherished kitty. This urn is visually compelling and functional. It is carved with graceful relief designs. This Cat Urn has the warm ivory look and feel that results from the use of a special crushed marble medium pioneered in the English Cotswolds. Every urn is hand-tinted, lending to each urn's distinctive sweet character to cradle your Cats ashes.

Approximate height 4 inches. 
Designed for cats up to 15 pounds (12 oz. cremains)