Biodegradable Rock Salt Cremation Urn Adult

Biodegradable Rock Salt Cremation Urn Adult

  • $234.95

Stunning Biodegradable Carpel Rock Salt Cremation Urn.    Free Ground Shipping. This beautiful urn is a perfect vessel for a natural disposition. It’s a 100% bio-degradable urn made out of natural Rock Salt.

Designed for sea burials or water funerals, but it can also be buried.  Guaranteed to dissolve in four hours in water.

This urn has a natural color of many shades of red and orange with slight white/clear highlights.

Each urn is made from one block of stone and not pieced together; this helps to prevent the urn from cracking and allows the urn to be seamless. The matching lid opens from the top and can be sealed permanently when ready.

Each urn takes 5 hours to be manufactured, making each urn a true piece of art. 

Height: 10.5″
Diameter: 8.5″
Capacity: 220 Cubic Inches.  Will hold the cremains of up to 200 pounds.

Material: Rock Salt ( Green Product) 
Bag/Glue and string included 
Ships in molded styrofoam